Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gift from God

God delivered a really nice gift to me yesterday.

I had to go pick the gift up at the airport. :)

I found out about the arrival time Sunday via the phone. My presence at the airport was requested at 4:30 pm on Monday. Perfect, I get done with work at 4:00pm.

So what was the gift? My first godly friend arrived back into my life. Her name is Carmen. She was one year ahead of me in high school.

We have a friendship that always involves a heart to heart about what God has been and is up to. We marvel together at what God is doing for and through the other. It never stops amazing us that we can go without seeing each other for years and then pickup exactly where we left off.

All was not perfect, it seemed we were hopelessly lost while getting her to her hotel. We made it there an hour later than we planned. But the Lord provided what we needed to get there safely, a wonderful husband with access to Google maps and a police officer. It was an adventure.

At one point, I said to Carmen if you haven't started praying yet now would be the time to start. Then I commented that I wondered what we were supposed to be learning from our journey. Carmen thought for a while and said, "to be thankful in all things." She was right. When we got off the highway she broke into a praise song. I joined her. Later I was reminded of all those hours spent together in choir.

We have another story to laugh about more later.

We saw the goodness of God in our reunion and in her eventual delivery to the front door of her hotel.

Actually, I've been a little blown away the last few weeks at all that God seems to be up to. I have found everything a little difficult to keep track of and take in. Sometimes walking with God feels painfully slow and involves so much sitting and waiting. Other times, like now it feels like a very long sprint. I'm wondering when I'm going to get a chance to catch my breath.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Something new...

Have you heard of writer's block?

Well I think I have reader's block. I think I've finally done it. I've read to much.

The timing is interesting. I'm starting class next week and I have three books plus professors notes to read.

Usually, I can focus while reading just about anywhere. But lately I can be in a room with no noise and have to read word by word, out loud and slowly in order to comprehend anything. Hmmm...

Maybe there's some cool stuff I'm not supposed to read through quickly in this last class.

Maybe turning 40 just became more than a number...

I'm grateful the Lord will help me whatever the reason.

What are you grateful the Lord is helping you with?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Trinity Arts Conference

I just got back from a conference put on by a group of artists who desire to encourage creativity in the Body of Christ.

It was a very hospitable group of people. A joy to be around.

These are people who intentionally make time in their lives to discover how God wants to reveal himself through a partnership of creativity with them.

Some are very experienced. Others like me are just getting up the nerve to slip into the back of the room... so to speak.

I've discovered some things about me which are new to me. I don't know what these discoveries might mean. I am actually shockingly thankful I don't know. I'm going to trust God will keep revealing what He wants me to see and do it a little at a time. I hopeful that what God is opening up for me will both help me to walk closely with Him and be a benefit to others.

As I think of you, I am curious what brings both joy and meaning into your life?

If your honest answer to that question, after you say in your head all the things you know you should say, is ... nothing. Then let me encourage you by saying, I have been there. By God's grace, I'm not there anymore. I truly believe God wants to lead you out of that place as well. Jesus said and is still saying, "Come, follow me." Let Him lead you to what it is that allows you to express and experience both joy and meaning.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Nothing important

I'm grateful that I've finished another class for school.
I'm grateful for the time recently spent with family and friends.
I'm grateful Dave spotted a giant fish in the pond and two huge turtles, it made him very happy!
I'm grateful Matt gets a break from school for the summer.
I'm grateful for air conditioning.
I'm grateful for the things on my calendar the next few weeks.
I'm grateful for walking trails and lakes.
I'm grateful my husband had mercy on me when I dropped my dear sweet Ipod. That was very sad moment. Call apple is not a good message on your Ipod. Another one is on the way.
I'm grateful for all the music and talks on my Ipod and what they do for my soul.
I'm grateful ...

Ok, maybe I did have something important to think about and say...

Grateful's good.

Hope your grateful list is long too!