Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Yes, I was on a break. I didn't really know I was going to take a break until I just did it.

Weeks ago I was very weary. There were many things contributing to that. Some self imposed and others are related to how I spend my time investing in other people.

I found myself, giving myself, the kind of advice that I either want to give to pastors or do give to pastors.

The normal routes of becoming refreshed in everyday life just weren't having the same affect/effect. (I never know which one to use. Please feel free to enlighten me in a comment. :) )

I am very happy to report spending a week with the Lord, my family and some great friends has done a great deal to bring refreshment. We were in a gorgeous area and home in Southern Colorado. I can't explain it. Unless you have a place that does the same thing for you, you probably wouldn't understand it. But being in the mountains, it changes me.

When I got back home I wasn't really ready to get back into the swing of things. There are some "get it done around the house" stuff that I wanted to do. That gave me some more time "away".

We were blessed with a couple of significant provisions in the last couple of weeks as well. I am still on the look for a job that fits. But the need is no longer immediate. We are watching, waiting and praying.

We totaled our car on vacation. Deer ran in front of us at 75 miles per hour. It was not our day to "go home" or get seriously injured. That is taking some time to process. We were provided with another deal on another very good and dependable car in six months time. We bought the Nissan back in December. Really big deal kinda of things to be thankful for there.

Books I read while I was "off".

Bo's Cafe
Reckless Faith - Let Go and Be Led
Reconstructing Natalie

All good for my soul in different ways.

So, now it's time to get back to work and to continue praising God for the break that I really did need.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


I've decided that from the middle of august to the middle of September is my favorite "month" of the year.

My least favorite is MAY!

I way prefer beginnings to endings.

I'm watching kids I love grow up and move on. I'm genuinely delighted about their new beginnings. Some I have known since birth. Others, I've only really known for a year or two. I love believing that God has plans for us. That He likes filling us in when it is good for us to know and we need to know. I have loved sharing all the hope that surrounds those beliefs with them.

I don't like feeling the sadness at the end of something. After "Senior Speeches" at our church on Sunday, I read a couple of very sad emails. Updates from people who are dealing with hard stuff. I walked out of my office, down the stairs and declared that no one was allowed to play a sad song or watch a sad movie or anything remotely sad was to come out of anyone's mouth for the rest of the day. Dave, knew I wasn't joking.

Friends were planning to come for dinner. I did not want to be in a funk. So I turned on a TV and watched an episode of some show remarkably similar show to Hanna Montana. As my girls in Ft. Worth would say..."Don't judge me." I went into the kitchen to help Dave with Dinner and shared with him my cure for the blues. He smiled.

Dinner was great!
May is OVER!