Tuesday, February 06, 2007


What does it mean to let our little light shine?

A book I've been reading defines the the "glory of the Lord" for men and women to be "in His likeness".

What are the actions, attitudes, truths and encounters with the Lord that need to take place in order for us to discover what it is to shine? Can we be aware of the light? When others identify the light how do we respond? What response is appropriate? Does the response change with the circumstances or environment? Relationships don't fit very well into formulas.

These are questions I have been asking. God has been answering. I love how God has been answering. As seems to be at least one of His patterns in my life, He brings Himself, scriptures, people through books, people through music and people through life to answer my questions or at least teach me what questions to be asking.

Newsboys in their song "Shine" identifies what has been the hardest question to ask and to hear the answer to which is "What's my motivation?"

Asking yourself honestly what your motivation is for letting your little light shine can be very informative. If the answer doesn't match what you know God wants your motivation to be then you've discovered a list of new questions.

Dear Lord,

Thank you allowing us, your children, to play a part in allowing your light to shine. Give us courage to explore our questions and most of all to recieve the answers. Thank you for loving on us so richly and so well. Help us to receive your love so that we will also be able to respond in obedience and love to what ever you decide to show us. Lord increase our faith.


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