Friday, June 01, 2007

El Moro Canyon

A friend suggested we change up our usual Friday walk at the beach and go on a hike instead. So we went 15 miles or so south to a place called El Moro Canyon. It was one of the most beautiful hikes I have ever been on. Amazing vistas. For a Colorado girl that's saying somethin'. :)

We saw:

big birds and little birds
minding their own business birds and hunter birds
sandy canyons descending to the ocean
the beautiful blue pacific
a regatta race of sailboats
power boats
grey squirrels
bunny rabbits
pink, purple, yellow and white wildflowers
30 plus miles of California Coastline
confusing trail signs
fellow trekkers
moutain bikers
homes with views that have no end

California really is an amazing place. I still can't believe I've had the opportunity in my life time to live in a beach community and in a mountain community. I'm so very grateful .

What do you love about where you live now or where you come from?

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Robyn Rochelle E. said...

*crisp fresh sweet scented air
*a castle outside my window
*the Rhine river 12 minutes away
*the Alps 45 minutes away
*the streets that cars can't fit on
*the birds waking me in the morning
*learning a new language
*sharing my Lord with non-believers
*some really godly men I know
*skies a color I cannot explain
*my flat
*walking down roads laid by hand, beside buildings built over 500 years ago.
*walking to a wedding with all of the friends and family that have been invited to the wedding with the bride carrying her bouquet and the air brisk. arriving at the ancient rathaus 20 minutes later, sitting and listening to the man give the ceremony in German, having friends and family sit holding their breath as I signed on the dotted line - a witness to this moment in time - realizing that in this building so many had come before, then turning around and walking back with the entire party - and that considered normal!