Monday, August 20, 2007

A memorable day

Yesterday was a great day!

I woke up to a breathtaking sunrise.

I read a passage in Luke that had me in awe of Jesus again.

I hosted a brunch for seven girlfriends. A mini-retreat. A joy to do.

I had a long Sunday afternoon nap.

I went to church and heard from missionaries. Some of my very favorite people.

We stayed after church and listened to one of the missionary couples share some victories and some hope and some challenges. This particular missionary couple is a couple I was first introducd to eighteen years ago. They were just leaving for the mission field when we met them in Plano.

Over the years they have come back and shared how difficult the area they are ministering to is. You could see in their faces the burden they carried for this people who did not trust what they had to share about God. They would ask us to pray. We did.

This time the joy on their faces was so beautiful to behold. A church has been planted. The pastor is someone local. All that was prayed for, for so many years by so many people is now in existence.

So now there are new prayers to pray. There are new challenges to face. There is hope to face them with.

Then we went to dinner as a family.

Then God ended the day with a beautiful sunset.

It was a great day to become 40 years old. :)

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