Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good to be gone... good to be home.

I'm sitting here thinking that two weeks is terribly hard to summarize when so many great things took place:

  • My class was awesome - great material, great professor, great classmates.
  • Reunions were very enjoyable with meaningful conversations.
  • Dolphins at the Pier never seems ordinary, especially when there are baby dolphins. What a blessing!
  • A local church hosted the author of The Shack. I went to two meetings. If you get a chance to hear him speak in person about his own story of redemption I highly recommend you take it, the book will be better understood and/or carry deeper meaning for you.
  • My family missed me and I missed them. It's good to know you really do like each other.
The theme of the last couple of weeks has been this: It turns out science/reason hasn't been able to answer every question that people have. Our culture has gone looking for spiritual answers to their yet unanswered questions. This shift in focus in the western world has meant that Christians need a better understanding of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It has been a humbling adventure to explore what I believe and others believe about the life we live in the power of the Holy Spirit. I look forward to the journey continuing...

By the way for all the book lovers that live in my area. The Lewsiville Library offers free interlibrary loan. They have relationships with all kinds of libraries. I've heard that it is pretty rare book that they can't get a hold of for you. If that's true that makes my heart very happy! I'm testing it out this week. I requested four books for the paper I need to write.

Hope your getting some time this summer to relax and enjoy friends and family!

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