Saturday, August 02, 2008

Marveling at God's timing

I was blessed to attend the Simulcast event that Living Proof Ministries hosted this weekend. It was one of those "meant to be" occasions in my life. Its a small story how I even got there.

Anytime you go some where and the music is beautiful and the words of the music are straight from scripture and the teaching is based on the word of God your bound to come away encouraged. But this was more than that.

Five or so years ago, I took a study written by Beth called Believing God. Life changing for me. It was during that study that I became convinced God was asking me to go to seminary.

I walked into this weekend with some unresolved questions. I asked God my questions again. It was a little like there were two conversations going on. The one I was having with the Lord that relates to what I've learned from Beth in the past but still struggle to understand. And then the second conversation which was what Beth was bringing to us this weekend which was also very applicable to my life now.

Then the two conversaions collided. I received an answer to my central question with a Scripture reference and everything :). After taking my answer in, it made what Beth was saying this weekend so much more meaningful. It all resulted in feeling and knowing I am more free to move forward that I have felt for a long time. In essence it was a commissioning service.

After we in pairs finished speaking a blessing into each others lives. It hit me this was my graduation from school. This was the ceremony. I've asked Living Proof if I can have a transcript of what took place at the end. If I receive it. I'll post it here.

I'm telling you all this because we're friends and well today was kinda a big day for me.

But I'm also saying this because I want to encourage you again to humbly ask God to answer your questions. If you believe there is an intentional delay in the answer and yet feel led to keep asking. Keep asking. Marvel at all God will do to bring you His answer and the timing of it.


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