Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Grieving is normal.

Do you know that its okay to be sad?

Do you know that its okay to take time to heal?

Grieving is normal. Life cycles.

Birth, growth, then death and then rebirth... This can happen in any part of our lives. In any relationship. In any circumstance. In any responsibility. It can be a small thing. It can be so big you think you wont survive it.

We avoid death. We avoid grieving through the death of roles and relationships. We try to ignore death. We try to skip death. But its only after death that new life comes.

So when a part of your life is dying. It's okay to grieve. It's okay to say this makes me sad. It's okay to ask God all your questions about it. It's okay to be in a place where the only way out is to walk through it by faith in God. It's not okay to lie to yourself and say everything is alive when it isn't yet. What is good is to trust in and place your hope in God and to move you through the grieving with Him. Based on my experience, we don't get to tell God how long that should take. In all of His wisdom and goodness, He decides.


Schweers' Mom said...

A really good book about grief and loss is "A Grace Disguised." I can't remember the author off the top of my head. Even though it is about the death of some of his loved ones, it still is very applicable to other situations of grief. I found it very helpful and comforting.

Great post!

cookiehawk77 said...

For some silly reason, we feel like we shouldn't have to grieve life changes. But they can hurt every bit as much as losing a loved one. I'm glad we have our heavenly Father to pour our hearts out to. I pray God will help you through your time of grief. He is our comforter and healer.