Friday, October 09, 2009

Which is easier?

What a challenge it is to walk by faith!

But is it even harder to walk by doubt?

Maybe the answer is sometimes yes and sometimes no.

Is there an area of your life where your starting to see that you might be afraid to walk by faith?

What makes doubt easier?

When its so normal you don't even realize your doing it.
When its culturally acceptable.
When it feels more secure than faith.
When you can hide rather than be visible. A walk of faith sometimes makes you more visible/accountable than you would prefer to be.

What makes faith easier?

Eternal perspectives
Being fed up with the results of following the culture
Caring about other people more than yourself
Reminders of who God is and who I am not.
Allowing God to show me an error when I thought I was walking in the truth.

My new favorite questions are: What am I afraid of? Why?

Asking these questions has brought me from doubt to faith on a few things recently. Humbling. A little disorienting and mixed with significant moments of rejoicing and freedom.

All impossible without God.

Wonder if I'll ever feel articulate about this walk of faith? Consistently living beyond my ability to communicate. For someone who likes to write that can be extremely annoying! I can only imagine what its like for those who brave reading these thoughts.

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