Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wouldn't it be fun if...

The other night I was with a group of women. We were talking about how quickly December flies by. We were talking about the ideas that come to mind to do. There was recognition and acceptance that you do them if you can and you do not if you can not. So many ideas can not be done.

One of the women said quietly (I'm not even sure how many others heard her say it), "Wouldn't it be fun if we had time to share with each other what some of those things are?"

I've been wondering what my answer would be to that question. I've decided that if I had endless amounts of time in December, I would sit down and write a bunch of hand written letters. I would start with the stack of Christmas letters that are on my kitchen table from friends who live out of town. I would respond to the things they have shared. I would express joy over the fun and exciting events of 2010. I would share in their sorrows and do what I could to help them be hopeful for 2011. Then I would sit and see who comes to mind. Who has made a difference in my life in 2010? As those people came to mind I would write them a note telling them what I remember about the encounter/s we had. The fireplace would be lit along with the Christmas tree. Either a vanilla or cinnamon candle would be burning.

There are ways that my life does not feel extremely wealthy. But in the area of friendship, I am awed by the abundance I know there. I have risked much in the way of friendship. I have been blessed beyond measure. Compound interest works in relationships too!

I may not get to sit and write letters this December, but I hope writing this little blog entry will help me to be more mindful about meaningfully saying thank you along the way in 2011.

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Heidi Day said...

I love this, and agree wholeheartedly. I have re-evaluated things in my December '10and am glad for the changes. I have been thinking that I've done "more than my best" in years past and this has left me very tired and depleted, so I thought this through and have decided that "my best" is 'good enough' and I am feeling more balanced and refreshed this year. Thank you for your blog. I have really been blessed by it.