Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Following Dave

I love this picture!

Dave likes to take pictures he doesn't enjoy being the one having his picture taken. That doesn't always stop me. Sometimes it does. But not this day. This picture was taken right before we got in the helicopter behind him. We were given a tour of Kauii by a pilot named Kevin from Fort Collins, CO.

It was an incredible ride. I mean incredible!!!

I also love this picture because between the two of us I'm more the risk taker. Not on this! Dave knew as soon as he heard about helicopters with no doors that was the ride for him. I knew as soon as I heard about it that it was NOT the ride for me. I made it very clear if he made the reservation that I did not want to be one one of those crazy helicopters with no doors!

I was amazed by how calm he was about the idea. Not because it's strange for Dave to be calm about difficult things. But who can be calm about whipping around in the sky with no door between you and the very steep drop down? Dave.

I started to wonder if I was being ridiculous, too cautious and ironically it unnerved me more that I might be missing out on something great then that I'd be flying around in the air with no door between me and a very long and scary plunge down to the ground.

Dave was patient. Zero pressure. I mean zero pressure. I was starting to feel very bad about my declaration that I would not fly in one of "those" helicopters. So we looked around and found a company that would let me sit up front with the pilot and a door and Dave could be in the back without the door.

We got to the airfield. I had like three more fears I had to process with the escort to the airfield and then on last one with the pilot. Everybody was so calm. Fears addressed.

I said to the pilot, (while thinking I can not believe I'm about to say this)"Is it too late to move me to the back with Dave?" He smiled and said, "No". He proceeded to remove the door. We climb in buckle up and away we go!

It was a great ride. I'm glad I let Dave's calmness unnerve me. I'm glad he didn't pressure me just let all the pesky fears come on up to the surface. I'm glad they all got addressed. I'm glad I followed Dave into his dream. It was marvelous!

And, oh by the way, Dave's shot was picked as the best one for the month of January 2012! Click here for the shot!

Dave, I love you! I'm glad we are doing this thing called life together.

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Anonymous said...

it was fun coming along on your 'doing life together' adventure!