Friday, October 05, 2012


Freedom is a word that I have spent time considering for a long time. What does it mean to be free?

It means I trust the Lord.

It means I walk by faith in God rather than pretending I know what I am doing.

It means I don't believe I'm responsible for everything.

It means I recognize when I feel a sense of compulsion to do anything and I ask God what that is about.

It means that I lose myself so I can be found in God.

It means that I rest in my need for God and his willingness to help me.

It means I surrender.

It means I don't demand.

It means I follow rather than lead the Lord.

It means when someone wants me to lead them I do it with a sense of humility and partnership.

It means I am a slave to God and his purposes.

It means I let go of earthly ways of seeing and thinking and exchange them for Kingdom values.

It means I discover what I think and feel so that I can trust God with changing those things that do not match up with Him.

It means I admit when something controls me that has nothing to do with God.

It means I admit that self-control apart from God is just another form of bondage. I have to lock myself up. That only lasts so long.

What encourages me most about this list is this. When I first began this journey of paying attention to the word freedom. I had no idea what the word really meant or what it could mean in my life. God has revealed all of these things to me. I am learning. God is teaching me. I am grateful!

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