Thursday, March 24, 2016

What breaks my heart?

Jesus not being trusted.

God being blamed for things He's not guilty of doing.

The suffering of sweet people around me.

Assumptions that lead to misunderstanding in relationship.


The beautiful creature we call Chloe pup fading away from life.

My resistance to what is good for my soul.

The last 30 plus days I've been taking note of the things that break my heart. I know what you might be thinking. Since I can hear one of my friends in his powerful voice saying, "WHY would you do that?!?!"

The simple answer is because that's what God did. I believe it's one of the reasons Good Friday happened. God's heart literally broke. I believe that part of the promise I made when I agreed to be follower of Jesus is that I would allow my heart to break too. Those things I listed above, they cause me to want things to be different. A broken heart always wants that. I want love to overcome them and write a different ending then I expect. In a way, I want death to lose and the grave to be empty for those things too.

I want Resurrection Sunday. I believe in Resurrection Sunday. I trust in the reality of Resurrection Sunday...broken hearts being made new.

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