Sunday, May 10, 2020

Reflections on Mother’s Day

What a privilege it is to be a mother. The benefits and joys of motherhood have turned out to be surprising. With awe, I offer a few of those surprises.

I have been granted forgiveness 1,000,000 times or more. I'm amazed that a soul can be that forgiving.

I have watched and enjoyed the slow and daily process of transformation of a child into a man. My faith in the slow process has been tested, mostly due to my limitations of faith. The limits have taken me right to the heart of our Heavenly Father assuring me this is how it works and He can be trusted with what I don't understand.

The acceptance of our differences as parents held together by common and ultimate desires has taught me to see the goodness of difference. It's given me a place to keep choosing to trust differences that intend good.

In recognizing our limitations as guides we've welcomed others brought into our circle of life. Thankfully, for the most part, I've gotten to say thank you and I love you to those people. Your contributions are some of the gifts I hold most dear. It's surprising to realize you're a piece of the puzzle when you've overstated your responsibility in the silent places way too many times.

As  I ponder these things, I'm thankful to our Moms for the ways they instilled faith, hope, and love. Can it accurately be stated how much that matters? I hope you enjoy the blessings of watching faith, hope, and love flow down to the generations after you.

Happy Mother's Day! Raising a glass to the surprising gifts of motherhood and having survived the receiving of them! Cheers!

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