Thursday, April 05, 2007

Just One Day

In just one day:

My husband arrived home from a long flight with the flu.

My son thanked me for lightening up on my "i don't like video games" mantra so he could enjoy a day of gaming while on Spring Break.

I spent some time in the Word and praying.

My parents emailed me about a health scare for my Uncle.

An old friend found my email through the "grapevine". We haven't talked to each other in 10+ years. So great to get caught up.

A friend in Germany and I have gotten into a great conversation via email about a really cool subject.

I read 150 amazing pages in two different books for class.

I got the grocery shopping done.

I wrote a couple of notes to put in the mail tomorrow.

I found out my old college has a new President and listened to his installation address.

My life today has been impacted directly by people on three continents and from three different States in just twelve hours.

Isn't that crazy? Who would have believed that could be possible in 1901? That kind of interaction with one another is becoming mundane, totally normal, nothing extraordinary.

What actually makes all those moments so extraordinary is that God wants to be involved in every moment of every one of our days! WOW! God is so amazing!

1 comment:

Robyn Rochelle E. said...

i love this blog!
but - i must admit sweetie
it made me tired just looking at it

wrestling with more thoughts surging through my mind after your e-mail!!!!!