Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Signs of Faith

On Sunday I was watching a program where they profiled a guy who has made a book composed entirely of photographs he called "signs of faith". As he traveled the United States, doing his job as a photo journalist, he began to notice these "signs of faith". When he first began to notice them he described himself as a "lasped Methodist". Some were church signs but mostly they were yard signs or side of the road signs.

One comment he made really stuck with me. He said he liked the quality of people taking the message into their own hands. I find that an interesting comment to ponder. Are preachers not doing a good job with their comments? Are preachers making to many comments? What made him appreciate that they might be motitvated to take the message into their own hands?

I would say I was also a little convicted. I don't think I respect enough that God can use more things than I can possibly imagine to turn the attention of people off of themselves and onto Him.

Oh, while I was on the internet this morning I saw a list of "church signs". This one made me smile:

When the restaurant next to the Church put out a big sign that said, "Open Sundays," the church reciprocated with its own message: "We are open on Sundays, too."

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