Sunday, October 07, 2007


Why do we have idols? Or more specifically why do I have idols?

I was really struggling to be obedient about something. At first I tried behaviors that have helped put my heart attitude back in a good place. That was having limited success. I've learned that when the old ways of doing things aren't helping something new is up. So after resisting a heart to heart with God about the thing I finally sat my butt down and asked the Lord sincerely what's up!

The answer I got back was indeed something new for me. The Lord pointed out that I was struggling to obey because I was finding more security in disobeying than obeying. Really its the same thing as deciding to trust God. But somehow the word security made it all so clear.

When I feel more secure in rebellion than I do in trusting God I choose rebellion. So I needed to revisit all the reasons why rebellion in this particular choice was not a good idea. And I had to revisit why I could walk by faith knowing I would be secure if I depended on God to make the choice I knew God wanted me to make.

There was so much joy and freedom in the realization and then in the obedience. Seeking God honestly had brought clarity, hope, strength, courage and a willingness to do what I knew God wanted me to do.

Dear Lord,

Thanks for convicting us when we are choosing to walk in ways that you desire to correct in us. Thanks for teaching us to come and ask what's up. Thanks for answering our questions. Thanks for being the source of our ability to obey. Thanks for not making our status as loved children conditional on our behavior. But thanks too for not letting us go on and on in rebellion without talking to us about it. Help us to be brave enough to explore new territory with you.



Joye said...

I appreciate your insight. The word 'security' gives it a different perspective, doesn't it? I know I find a misplaced sense of security in doing my own thing sometimes; even though it may chafe uncomfortably, it's easier than obedience...until the Lord makes it too uncomfortable to stay in disobedience and I find the 'ahhh' moment of abiding in Him.

Robyn Rochelle E. said...

and god calls us to have no other gods before Him... i love that He knows us so well.