Saturday, December 15, 2007

We need prayer.

Today is a prayer request.

My father-in-law has been fooled by scam artists again via the web.

God has allowed his efforts to be frustrated so far and to our knowledge has not been able to get them the money he intended to send to them last week.

Pray for Mom that she will know what she is supposed to do and when and that her physical strength will be returned to her.

Pray for all of us that we will be willing to do whatever God needs us to do in this situation.

That Dad will see that he needs to discover why he is vulnerable to these influences. That he will seek help outside the family.

That we will all trust for God's provision if his choices lead to the loss of their home or even worse the loss of either of their lives due to the stress they are both under.

We had a one year and three month reprieve from this. Now it feels like it is spinning out of control. Maybe it is. Maybe that is exactly what we need to have happen for Dad's eyes to be opened.

Please take this as a loving warning. If God is trying to get your attention by identifying something in your life that you repeatedly do out of rebellion. Please beg God to help you figure out why you do it and show you how to submit your life to Him in that area. If your like me the answers wont come overnight. You will not be changed overnight. But excusing sin and ignoring God where He is at work in your life can have very grave consequences to you and to all who love you.

Thank goodness there is hope and life and healing in turning away from rebellion and towards our Heavenly Father. Oh what a happy day it will be if Dad ever sees the light on this piece of his otherwise faithful life.

Thank you for your prayers.

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