Friday, April 25, 2008

The deck...

Some things are just so easy to be grateful for.

Our deck is one of those things.

Dave and I just restained it. We added some pots and some herbs for Dave's cooking adventures and flowers.

My idea to paint a poker table that was left behind by the previous owner was a bust. It warped horribly while outside in the weather this winter. So I recently picked up a new table a few weekends ago. I was so grateful that I found an inexpensive one that matched the chairs we already had at the first store I went into. Some people are very skeptical about shopping gifts from God but it felt like one to me.

I love starting my morning with some time outside. I love enjoying God's creations. And ending the day having conversation with Dave or Matt or both on the deck.

Gifts are meant to be shared, so come over some morning and let's have a cup of coffee together. But you'll have to put up with how much my dog loves all people. :)

What's the place you enjoy the most?

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