Saturday, April 26, 2008

Urban Youth in Ft. Worth

I am involved in helping a ministry get set up in Ft. Worth to urban youth. At this point, I am working behind the scenes and haven't met any of the kids yet.

This week I'm going down to meet some of them and leaders of other organizations that are already investing in this community.

The area we're focusing on has huge needs and limited resources.

We're praying for adults who will be willing to reach out to these kids in ways that will bring hope and inspire courage. It takes courage for these kids to move from living out of fear to living out of truth-faith, hope and love.

We're praying for the kids to have receptive hearts to the Gospel. We're praying for ideas that will help them be involved in solutions that bring healing to their community. There is so much need for healing.

I am praying the Lord will reveal to me what, how and when He wants me to be involved.

If the Lord lays it on your heart to pray for any of this, please do.

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