Saturday, May 31, 2008

Estes Park, Colorado

I'm going to one of my earthly homes this summer. Estes Park, Colorado. My Mom found a house for the 10 of us to rent this summer for a few days. I spent my High School years in Estes Park.

Since its located in Northern Colorado and my parents have settled in Central Colorado I don't make it back to my home turf very often.

What a joy to be with there with my Mom, Dad, Brother and all the additions that God has brought to our little family.

This place means a great deal to me. Growing up in the mountains was a unique privilege that I don't take lightly. The people who live there are outdoor adventurers, risk takers and admires of God's handiwork. Those people and their passions made a very big impression on me.

Most importantly God made a bigger impression. How can you not be wowed by Him when your seven mile commute into school everyday brings you to vistas that never cease to inspire? Majesty, beauty, strength, wildness, dependence, the brilliance of snow covered trees...

In August I will go and remember with family and old friends, and be grateful to rediscover it with the next generation of our family. A blessing indeed!

What get away are you most excited about this summer?


Brandon and Jenny said...

We're excited just to be back in Guatemala! Those photos remind me of when we were in training in Colorado Springs and how amazing Colorado is. It wins our award for the prettiest state. What a wonderful time to recapture the wonder of God.

Brandon and Jenny said...

Oh, how beautiful! I think Colorado is so gorgeous and I know you are just so excited! Interestly enough, Xela, Guatemala is much like Colorado! Just in the vistas and the weather (we have summers like Colorado, not winters) This summer I am looking forward to just being at home! After 6 months of travel, it is good to finally stay someplace for a while. Enjoy your family and your trip!

Cheri said...

Hi Brandon and Jenny,

It was great to hear from you. Hope your transition in Guatemala is going smoothly.

What an adventure!