Thursday, April 21, 2011


I love it when Matt calls me Mama. It's a nickname for me that he uses when he needs something from me or he is in a good mood and wants to say thank you.

Matt is eighteen now and getting ready to launch into the next phase of his life. People have been asking me how I'm doing with that. I am living in a very bittersweet season.

I am genuinely excited for the path that is set before him. I am confident that he is following the Lord's leading. I'm very hopeful that he will love college life. I'm excited about the role I will play in encouraging him through the transition. That is all the sweet parts!

Bitter seems like to drastic of a word. But sad does not. There are very sad parts of all this to me. He is choosing to go out of state, so he wont be two hours away. There is so much I will miss about his presence in our home. When he is content with life: he is kind, helpful, cheerful and a great person to be in a conversation with. I will miss knowing that when I am tired that I will have that young energy to turn to for help. I will miss how excited he can get about the things he cares about! I will miss knowing his church leaders and mentors. I will miss being a part of the same somethings... the same community, the same school, the same church and the same vacation destination. :)

I will miss him. It will take time to adjust. I will be very sad for me some days and I will be just so happy for him on others! I don't really see this season ending anytime soon.

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