Saturday, May 14, 2011

One Thousand Gift list for today

In honor of the book One Thousand Gifts here is my  list for this day...

My husband's flight plans to the middle east got cancelled yesterday and so I got to have him home an extra day before he sets off to some far flung place.
My son tells me real things. He risks not pretending with me.
The wildflowers in our neighborhood are simply delightful... so many designs and colors.
People on the walking path said hello.
Prom is tonight and Matt did a great job ordering a corsage! So pretty.
Thankful for all the people who make all those corsages. WoW!
My reflections on the LTML group that finished yesterday. I spent time with two very lovely sisters in Christ.
Blackberries that taste really good.
A podcast where I could have said AMEN very loudly a dozen times. And also had me mulling over a few questions.
Time on the deck with a book recently received from a dear friend.
Plans to see a movie I've wanted to see for weeks now.
I have a envelope with checks to turn in tomorrow. The money for the Ireland trip in July has been raised.
The friends I miss. I wish I could transport them all here to my dining room table right now to tell them I miss them and asking them how they are doing in person.
The gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and the presence of God in and around my life.

What are you thankful for this day?

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Schweers' Mom said...

I can't believe you have your funds raised already. My son still has several hundred to go. I wonder if he should have skipped Arizona as it's challenging to raise so much for 2 trips.

I'm reading "One Thousand Gifts." for the most part, I like her story. Sometimes her writing is a little confusing as to who and what she's talking about. But it's an enjoyable read. I have definitely been touched by her view of eucharisteo. Good stuff.