Monday, June 06, 2011

Graduation here we come!

I am actually feeling very excited and grateful about celebrating this week with Matt. It wont surprise me if these emotions turn on a dime later in the week. But there is plenty of time for feeling sad later. I just want to enjoy the fun of remembering the last eighteen years and dreaming about what is next! We celebrate with friends and family at our church on Friday evening. The ceremony is on Saturday afternoon. Dinner with a few of Matt's closest friends on Sunday evening. That's pretty cool line up of events! Especially when I remember that I was clueless months ago about what would be meaningful ways to celebrate.

I keep remembering that I am extremely blessed. Many Moms at this point in their lives do not have a clue what they will be doing next. That is not my story. I've had the great joy and privilege of  investing in the next phase of my life for quite a while now. I'm truly excited about all that is before me. God has done so much, shown me so much and introduced me to so many great people. Life could not be more rich. I really mean that.

One of those things will actually be walking alongside other men and women who are in the discovery process of "what's next" for them.

Another one of those things will be a training program called Selah. I found out in the last few days that I have been accepted. It is in Boston. It is a training program for Spiritual Directors. I will travel there five times over the next two years. There are two other women from the DFW area that will be taking this journey with me. That makes it even better!

Yep... lots of joy going on in this heart tonight. Thank you Lord for that!

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