Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Beloved Daughter's Psalm

As a part of that journey to Israel, our Pastor asked all of us to write a Psalm. As we traveled near the Dead Sea, this is was poured from my heart:

A Beloved Daughter's Psalm

I sing to The Lord for I have a new song!

A song of praise
A song of worship

You have restored me to the joy of my Salvation

You have searched me and found my heart...


And yet you did not turn from me.

Your heart, filled with grace instead, set about to rescue me.

Now I can see...

You brought freedom where there was bondage.
You brought compassion where there was judgement.
You brought hope where there was despair.
You brought clarity where there was confusion.
You replaced anger with peace.
You brought the light of your love into my dark places.

I marvel at your deeds.
And rejoice that I will sing for You, about You and with You forever and ever.


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