Monday, January 23, 2017

Spiritual Direction

Have you read or heard talk about the benefits of meeting with a Spiritual Director? Are you wondering if you'd like to experience it? I offer a few questions that may help.
  • Are you a leader in ministry? I ask because for as long as I can remember I've had compassion for and desire to be an encouragement to leaders.
  • Do you find yourself with more questions than answers about your relationship with the Lord or your vocation? 
  • Have you come to value soul care and are looking for a place to honestly explore what is going on in your soul? 
If any of this rings true, I'd love to connect.

Where would we meet?
I meet with people via various video conferencing formats or over the phone. I live a half-hour south of Madison near Milton, WI and have space to meet in-person if that is an option for you. I typically meet with each person once a month.

Is there a cost?
Usually, I receive $65.00 per one-hour session.

Additional information
Graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2008 with a Master of Arts in Theology.
Completed the Selah Spiritual Direction training program in 2013.
Supervisor of Spiritual Direction trainees since 2015.

I am married to David and we have our son Matt and his lovely bride Jordan. I love developing friendships, reading and crave time in creation. I enjoy being creative and noticing the creativity of others.

Next steps
The best way to connect is via email at

This blog site is composed of snapshots of my spiritual journey, you may find it helpful to look around.

If we are not a good fit, but you remain interested in Spiritual Direction, I’d like to help you locate another Director.

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