Saturday, March 17, 2007

Andrew Murray

I have a new friend. His name is Andrew Murray. This friendship is different from other friendships. It is very one sided. I receive from this friend over and over again but I can't give back to him. He is at home with the Lord.

Andrew lived from 1828-1917. He served as a pastor and as an author in South Africa. He was raised in South Africa by parents who were missionaries to that country from Scotland. Some of his education took place in Scotland. South Africa was his homeland.

Andrew through his writings, which are many, has taught me so many things. Andrew is passionate about learning to abide in Christ, learning to pray and seeing revival come to his homeland.

It is uncanny to me how accurate his descriptions of his day and the believers of his day are of our own day. God has used Andrew's testimony of love for the whole church and love for the world to inspire me to want to pray for the "big picture" more than I have ever been inspired before.

Andrew got to watch revival come to his land. It is well documented that in 1860 revival swept through South Africa. Talk about a blessing!! I can't even imagine what it must be like to live through an answer to prayer that is that big.

Andrew's books have been considered classics for a long time. They are available online for free. However much of what is available online is old enough English that it can be hard to really hear what Andrew is saying. I highly recommend a translation that has been done into modern English by the publisher Whitaker House. It is titled: Andrew Murray on Prayer by Andrew Murray.

If in your own journey you are craving to understand more about what it means to abide in Christ or you want to understand more about what it is to have a life-receiving and life-giving prayer life, please ask the Lord if He would like for Andrew Murray to be one of your friends too.

On my list of things I dream about for heaven I have added two things. I would love the opportunity to say thank you to Andrew Murray for how his obedience to the Lord made a difference for me. I would like the joy of sitting and listening to Andrew recount his hallelujah moments on earth.

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