Monday, March 05, 2007

Teresa of Avila - The Interior Castle

Something I was reading lately reminded me of a classic by a women named Teresa of Avila. Teresa lived in the 1500's. She wrote several books. One of her books is called The Interior Castle. In it she attempts to describe her understanding of the soul and its interaction with God.

As I began rereading it this week. I was struck by something she said in Chapter 2. She is recounting lessons that a friend of hers received from a vision. The second lesson was this, "Humility, for she saw that nothing good in us springs from ourselves but comes from the waters of grace near which the soul remains like a tree planted beside a river, and from that Sun which gives life to our works." She then goes onto make the observation that, "Generally she forgot all about herself and only thought of God when she did any meritorious action."

This turned out to be something I needed to read today. At the beginning of my day I was sensing that there was something I needed to confess but I just didn't know what exactly was wrong. I asked the Lord to show me what it was. When I read these words my heart started to pound. I was able to see a circumstance where I had acted obediently and united with Christ but as I replayed the moments in my mind I started to miss that I was only the tree and that God was the water and the Sun. There I was again experiencing being puffed up with pride rather then embracing humility and being thrilled to be a vessel.

Two things thrill me about what happened. I knew I had done something wrong. I needed the Lord to show me what it was and minutes later in a random reading its right there in black and white. And, God is increasing my sensitivity to when something is just not right. I do not feel in any way condemned in it but rather really really loved. Because I feel loved I am more willing to be corrected. God is so good!


May we learn to truly have no confidence in the flesh. May we thrill to be used by you for your purposes. May we stop taking credit for it apart from you when those moments only happen united with you.


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Joye said...

Amen, too. Hi, Cheri, I just found your comment on my blog. I'll add you to my "rounds" and put your link on my page! I don't remember ever reading an Andrew Murray book, although I've seen them for many years. I'll look for the one you mentioned. God bless!