Thursday, September 20, 2007

Appreciating Boldness

This week in Bible Study we were hanging out with Miriam. She is Moses' big sister. She is described as a prophetess. There was this time when God did something really big, she responded by dancing and singing and leading others to do the same. What a great picture! Especially to those of us who walk around in culture that has trouble with even saying Amen out loud in a service.

Think about this has reminded me of a time when I was watching an African American preacher, preaching on TV. It was a stadium sized meeting. In this particular groups culture, they did something I have never seen before. When they could identify with what the preacher was saying they would stand up. As the preacher finished his point they would sit back down. It wasn't in any flashy way that they did this. To me it looked like just a different form of shouting Amen in agreement. It was a testimony without words. Their facial expressions and body movements spoke volumes.

Why do I love the way Miriam responded and the way this group demonstrated their faith? Because it takes boldness. It takes confidence in who you believe in to celebrate and believe God in a public way.

Likewise, I love it when our youth in the 5:00pm service rise to their feet in the middle of a song. They are both practicing and preparing their hearts to have that same kind of boldness when they cross the thresholds of their schools or jobs.

I think my generation and those above me need to have more and more respect for how much those younger than us face when they encounter our American culture.

I like loving and bold believers. I want to keep growing in my ability to be both loving and bold.


Joye said...

Hey, did you get hold of my lecture already? It's about taking risks. Good post.

Robyn Rochelle E. said...

i love this post 0)
thank you for this word of encouragement.
Today, Ss* and I went to a church that as 1200 years old. Today was the day that confirmation classes begin for the young people. They last until March. We are friends with one of the young boys that began confirmation classes today. Having a look into the group of young people through his eyes was interesting - the majority of them are there because legally their parents are required to bring them. After March the majority will never step foot into a church again (if statistics hold true in the near future) And yet, this young man is real. He really wants to learn. He will be playing baseball on the younger team with my friends. Please pray that his boldness will grow and God will become so alive in him that the other young men notice -'something is different... that guy's standing up."