Saturday, November 24, 2007

Grand Weaver- How God shapes us through the events of our lives.

A friend let me borrow their book called the Grand Weaver by Ravi Zacharias.

Here's a quote from this book: "Only if you are willing to pray sincerely for God's will to be done and are willing to live the life apportioned to you will you see the breathtaking view of God that he wants you to have, through the windows he has placed into your life."

I believe this statement is true. I believe this statement matches the journey I have been on for some time now.

God has been teaching me what it means to trust him enough to "pray sincerely for God's will to be done". Not easy. Not doable with out first dying to self. Not possible with out God's grace.

But oh the "breathtaking view of God" that exists in the midst of dying to self and sincerely praying for God's will...

The Christians who choose to live this belief inspire me. I marvel at their lives. By God's grace I want to live that life.

Sometimes my biggest struggle is being satisfied by what the Lord has apportioned to me. This time when it came up I had two images in my mind. They were very humble jobs as the world sees jobs. I sincerely want God to transform my heart to the point that I am truly content and joyful in whatever God has apportioned for me.

Dear Lord,

Forgive us for not understanding what and how you are weaving into our lives. Thank you for, in spite of our blindness, being a master at weaving yourself into our lives. Give us the ability to let go of the expectations of others and of our own expectations. Help us to see the necessity of being humble worshipers of you. Your ways are not our ways. Thank you for opening our eyes to your ways through worship.

In the precious name of Jesus Christ,


Mike Messerli said...

thanks for your great observations and thoughts on prayer. feel free to mark in the book as much as you's meant to be marked in.

and the post you wrote following this on prayer is great as well. I know I still have great lessons to learn about prayer. Keep teaching it and learning more, I love your insights.

Cheri said...

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your encouragement!

Thanks for sharing your resources!

I'm glad you took a little break from your blog. And I'm glad your back.