Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Good Morning,

Yesterday, I received more than a few encouraging things from the Lord through his people. But one thing has been wonderful to think about.

A friend called last night. We needed to talk about when we're going to get together next. We got all that worked out and then she said she had something she wanted to read me. It was a prayer of mine that she's had around for at least seven years, maybe even longer than that.

Key words in the prayer: my desires, the will of God and trust.

I understood all those years ago that my desires did not match up with God's will or design for my life very often. I really wanted them to. I was confused. I was hurting. For what ever reason (God), I never gave up believing that there must be a way for that to happen.

At the time, the word trust came up because I was wrestling through whether or not I was supposed to go to seminary. Was it simply my choice? Was God leading me there? Or was I going there just because I wanted to? Did it make any sense to go there? Would others around me accept my decision? I didn't have a lot of experience with trusting God's leadership at that point in my life. I kept doing the leading.

There is no doubt in my mind that a prayerful life, a paying attention to God throughout the day life, has been what has lead me to trust submitting my will to His. In times of prayer I have known acceptance, love, filling, strength, courage, hope, perseverance and all of that has led to willingness. I am willing, dare I say, even like following. Trust is a big honking deal! Trust happens in meaningful relationship. Meaningful relationship for me, with the Lord, has been developed first through the study of his Word. It's extremely important to get to know who the Lord is. Study has continued, but prayer has been the focus of the relationship development.

I pray when I walk. I pray when I drive. I pray when I sing. I pray when I'm in conversation with other people. I pray before I meet people. I often pray after I leave people. I pray when I get an email. I pray when I'm confused. I pray when I'm joyful. I pray when my kid walks out the door. I pray when he returns. I pray for Dave's big meeting. Or, for a friends concern. I pray while I read books. I pray while I read scripture. I pray when my heart is troubled personally or for a friend. I pray in groups of women. Sometimes, many times I forget to pray.

So to my friend who hung on to that prayer. Prayed for me. Then bothered to say, hey I've got something I want to read to you. Thank you. You've made a difference in my life all these years. I'm sure your love for me will continue to make a difference. I love you.

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