Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Catching up with Rob.

My husband gave me a Barnes & Nobles card for my birthday. So as we were checking out the shelves, I was looking for a book that I just wanted to read. Of late, I've been reading books that other people would like me to read or because they are helpful in training me for the kinds of ministries I am involved in. As I was looking through the selves I came across a book written by Rob Bell. It's called: Jesus Wants to Save Christians. The title made me smile. Another provacative title by Rob. So, decision made. I walked to the counter and bought the book.

I got home on Friday and read it.

As the title would indicate, the book is thought provoking. One of the themes in it is this: What does God do with civiliazations that take power and use it against their own people? What does God do with civilizations that ignore Him?

I really wish a lot more Christians would read and consider books like this one and think about what he is saying. I am under no illusion that most people would agree with him. I just think it would be good for most Chrisitans to consider whether or not he has something important to say.

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