Sunday, August 01, 2010

From Summer to Year Two

Every week of summer has been different from the last. I like that about summer. Then I grow a bit weary of it and I'm ready for the predictablity of a weekly schedule.

We have three weeks left of this summer. We've been trying all summer to figure out a time and way for the three of us to get to Southern California. Yesterday we made a final decision. It's not going to happen this summer. I'm not done being bummed about that. But I'm hopeful I'll be able to fly out in the fall. More details coming on that later.

Matt will be focused on Music Camp this week. Then the last two weeks of summer will be a mixture of the things that haven't gotten done yet.

I will be focused on leading another Listen To My Life group. All women this time. And all women who I have never met before. I'm grateful for this surprise open door.

Then the "Fall" will begin. It will be 90 plus degress but we'll still use the word fall.

I've mentioned before that I'm in a Spiritual Direction training program. It will take three years to complete. This September I begin Year Two. Year One consisted of coming together and praying on Thursday nights and then sharing with one another what we experienced, learned or what is unresolved with the Lord. There was a part of me that wanted to skip Year One and go directly to Year Two. Most of the prayer practices listed were ones I had already participated in or were familiar with. But of course I got way more out of the times of praying and then listening to the other members of the group speak about their prayer lives than I ever thought I would gain. I'm sure skipping Year One is never an option. But I discovered that it would have been a mistake to try.

Year Two changes up the pattern. We will be spending a significant amount of time daily praying on our own. The purpose of Thursday evenings will be to share with one another what is happening as result of our time in prayer. Intimidated is a word that describes how I feel about this next year. Expectant is another. I think I will learn more about abiding and experience more abiding than I have to date. I think I will encounter challenges that will be hard to bear at times. But I'm hopeful that a changing mind and heart will be obviously worth the difficulties of the committment.

Year Two also includes to more significant changes. The first is to resign as many leadership roles as possible for one year and to refrain from leading anything new. Second is to read the Word of God and a handful of assigned books. To limit other reading to "only what is necessary". Yikes.

I might be inviting friends to coffee just so they can tell me what they are reading about. :)

Most people think this is extreme. It is extreme in a culture of "doers". The point of this year is to focus on learning about "being". Doing is easier for me.

If I come to mind to pray for in the next year. There is probably a very good reason for that. I'd appreciate your prayers.

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