Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Deeper Journey

I was assigned a book for a class I am taking this quarter called The Deeper Journey by M. Robert Mulholland Jr. The timing of books in my life never ceases to amaze me. I've been wondering lately why people are saying that there is so much junk out there in the publishing world and yet I keep finding books that are very profound to me. I was starting to wonder about how gullible I might still be. I found some comfort in the realization that most of what I'm reading has been assigned to me by learned men and women who have sifted through a great many books and asked me to read the ones they have found most helpful.

After spending a month working through a few details in my life it was very beneficial to be thinking through a book that looks at the big picture. How do I summerize this book? Basically it attempts to describe the mystery of what it means to be united with and hidden in Christ. It invites us to participate in disciplines that help us deny self and invite God to live His life through us. It does an excellent job of explaining some of the reasons why that is so difficult and some of the choices we can make to experience it increasingly.

If your at a place where you know God loves you and your growing desire is to live a life that responds to Jesus with love and sacrificial devotion and you need someone to help you with how that might be possible I would highly reccommend this book.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for bringing into my life a book that invites me to explore the scriptures that call us to the impossible apart from you. Thank you Jesus for living your life in sacrificial love and devotion to us. Thank you for working so diligently to open our eyes to these truths in a world that is so opposite from who you are. Thank you for gifting some to put finger to keyboard so that we may learn from their journey. Thank you for enough experiences in my life, prior to reading this book, that have revealed that giving myself over to you for your purposes is the meaning to life that I was able to hear at least some of what this book had to say. Thank you for providing hope that staying on this path with you will mean that change however slow will occur for your glory and my good. Thank you for your protection along the way.


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