Saturday, July 03, 2010

Bo's Cafe

Bo's Cafe

This is a book I read on vacation. If you would have trouble letting go of the literary critic in you to read the book for it's intended message, then you probably shouldn't bother reading it.

But basically it's about a guy whose personal life is falling apart and his professional life is in jeopardy too.

God allows him to be reconnected with a man from his past. That connection leads to some perspective changing conversations in a variety of places. One of those places is called Bo's Cafe.

We've done a lot of talking about the benefits of Coffee Shop conversations and Pub ministries in Christian ministry books, magazines and seminars. I enjoyed reading a fiction book that used that kind of environment as the setting for the story.

The two themes I got from the book are that real change happens when people really want to end the misery of staying the same. The start to believe there some things about their faith in God they haven't figured out yet.

Real help comes from those who have walked a similar path and crossed through the light at the end of the tunnel ahead of them.

My personal dream of having a coffee/book store around here is motivated by these two themes. For now I'll keep taking up low rent spots (price of a cup of coffee) at the Corner Bakery, Aperitivos (Ap's for short), and Barnes and Noble.

Thanks Darlene for recommending the book. :)

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